Assorted Bento 2 meal, 18 pieces for only $4.

Bento Wok in Moscow

Published: July 23, 2015

Бенто Wok/Bento Wok 
Адрес: Авиамоторная улица, 39
Hours: 10:00-23:00
Prices: $5+

Sushi is extremely popular in Moscow. You’ve probably noticed that everyday cafes offer a variety of sushi along with other dishes, whether Italian or Armenian. In fact, Russians eat more sushi than the Japanese. Fresh fish is flown in everyday to Moscow on a Boeing 747 in order to satiate Muscovites’ appetite for sushi.

Bento Wok is one of my favorite places to get sushi near Aviamotornaya metro, where one of the Higher School of Economics’ dormitories is located. When I need a break from schwarma or other fast food, I come here. HSE students swear by their sushi, citing it to be the freshest and cheapest in the area. I used to order their noodles here, which are great. However, I jumped on the sushi bandwagon and found myself coming here each week to order their assorted Bento boxes. For about $4, you get about 18 pieces. For example, Assorted Bento 1 includes rolls with crab and salmon. It’s the perfect amount to get full. Or, you can order the Assorted Bento for Two, which includes 26 rolls for about $12.

Other than sushi, they offer a variety of fresh salads and soups. The only thing I would not recommend that I’ve tried, is their Tom Yum soup. For almost $5, you get coconut milk broth with just a few small pieces of shrimp and mushrooms.

As for their noodles, you choose the type of noodle you like, the type of meat or vegetable, sauce and other toppings. Noodles start at $3. With each add-on, you get charged a small additional fee. I ordered the udon noodles with Thai sauce. I got a dish that was not actually made with udon noodles nor Thai sauce. I still liked it anyway. You can’t afford to be picky about that kind of thing here.

Many people seem to order their food to-go, as the cafe is quite small. Each sushi takeaway order comes with a cute sealed soy sauce bottle, plastic sauce dish and chopsticks.

Overall, I really enjoy coming to this place. I like being able to eat at the cafe and watch people walking by on the streets. If I am pressed for time, it’s nice to have the convenience to order my food to-go. But most of all, I love the freshness and quality of the sushi here.

If your Russian is good enough, you can order your food and get your food delivered

For groups and faculty-led tours, this cafe is too small. Because the sushi and noodles are made to order, it takes way too long to prepare food for an entire group.

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