Author: Marin Ekstrom

The Petersburg Musuem of Dolls

The Petersburg Musuem of Dolls/ Петербургский музей кукол ул.Камская , 8 Open from 10.00-18.00 Price: 150 rubles for students I consider myself a bit of a kid at heart; therefore, when I first heard about the Petersburg Museum of Dolls, I jumped at the opportunity to visit it. I was so enchanted by its colorful, […]

“The Leningrad Collection” and “I Keep This City” in St. Petersburg

“The Leningrad Collection” and “I Keep This City” in St. Petersburg / “Ленинград Коллекция” и “Я этим городом храним”  в Санкт-Петербурге K Gallery Ул. Галерной, 47 Prices: 100 rubles for students Coming to and from the dorms everyday, I have passed by advertisements for two art showcases: the “Leningrad Collection” and “ I Keep This […]

Swan Lake Ballet in St. Petersburg

“Swan Lake” at the Musical Comedy Theater “Лебединое озеро” в театре музыкальной комедии  Ул. итальянская, 13 Ballet stands as one of the most acclaimed forms of Russian high culture, and perhaps no other show best captures this magnificence as Peter Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. So when SRAS (the School of Russian and Asian Studies) provided the […]

Orange Days in St.Petersburg

Orange Days in St. Petersburg/ Оранжевые дня в Санкт-Петербурге набережная Адмиралтейского Канала, 2 Events scheduled for July 1-12, 2013  New Holland, or Новая Голландия, is a small island close to the dorms with a reputation as a hip, relaxing hangout. As I was having a “Lazy Sunday,” I decided to head over there and check […]

The Russian Museum of Ethnography in St. Petersburg

The Russian Museum of Ethnography/ Росси́йский этнографи́ческий музе́й Улица Инженерная 4/1 Open everyday from 10.00-18.00, except Mondays and the last Friday of the month Prices: 350 rubles for adults, 150 rubles for students ; free with SPBGU student ID; 150 rubles for picture-taking passes If someone asks you to describe “Russian,” the first images […]

White Nights Marathon in St. Petersburg

White Nights Marathon/ Белые ночи марафон Palace Square/ Дворцовая площадь June 30, 2013 9.00- 15.00 (6 hours allowed to complete the marathon) I am extremely fortunate to know Irina Aleksandrovna Boggie, my neighbor, Russian language teacher, and dear friend. She grew up in Novokuznetsk, studied in St. Petersburg, and now lives in northern Minnesota, a place […]

Kilikiya in St. Petersburg

Kilikiya/ Киликия  ул. Гороховая 26/40 Open 10:30 a.m-6 a.m. Meals range from 200-600 rubles While my roommates and I enjoy traditional Russian food, we also like to explore other exotic fare. Therefore, we have designated “foreign food Fridays,” and this week focused on Russia’s neighbor in the Caucasus, Armenia. Therefore, we headed out to the restaurant […]

The Scarlet Sails 2013 in St. Petersburg

Scarlet Sails/ Алые паруса Palace Embankment/ Дворцовая набережная The main festivities lasted from 22.00- 2.30  In the United States, while students gleefully anticipate the end of the school year, they tend to celebrate it in a low-key manner (i.e. small graduation parties, sleeping in and watching TV all day, etc.). St. Petersburg, on the other […]

Statoil Presentation in St. Petersburg

Statoil Presentation at the Nevsky Palace Hotel / Statoil презентация в Невскoм Палас Отеле Nevsky Prospekt, 57/ Невский проспект, 57 The official company webite: The School of Russian and Asian Studies (SRAS) not only stresses the importance that familiarity with Russia can have in a future career, but also emphasizes the sheer diversity of career paths […]

“The Triumph of the Romanov Empire” in St. Petersburg

“The Triumph of the Romanov Empire”/ Триумф империи Романовых Невский проспект,  14 Open 24 hours  The year 2013 coincides with a major milestone in Russian history, as it marks the 400th anniversary of the founding of the Romanov dynasty. One of the ways that St. Petersburg, a former capital of the tsars, is commemorating this event is […]

Lenta in St.Petersburg

Лента/ Lenta ул. Уральская, 29 Open 24 hours “Hey, if you need to buy groceries, cleaning supplies, or whatever else, go to Lenta. It’s basically a Russian version of Wal-Mart!” My classmates have frequently expressed this sentiment over the past two weeks, piquing my interest for Lenta. Since my roommates and I did need more […]

Stolovaya No. 1 Kopeika in St.Petersburg

Stolovaya No. 1 Kopeika/ Cтоловая No. 1 Kопейка ул. Итальянская, 17 Open 24 hours Meals from 100 rubles+  Since arriving in St. Petersburg, my fellow classmates and I have seen signs reading “stolovaya” (the Russian word for “dining room”) scattered throughout the city. Therefore, when my friends Ryan, Elizabeth, and I decided to dine out […]

Ukrop Cafe in St.Petersburg

Ukrop/ Укроп улица Марата, 23 11:00-23:00 Meals from 400-600 rubles  As someone who prefers vegetarian dining options, I was thrilled to be invited to a sit-down vegetarian restaurant for a Russian-English conversation group meeting. Therefore, I’d like to share my experience at Ukrop (which means “dill” in Russian), a hip little hangout! The atmosphere at Ukrop […]

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