Author: Marin Ekstrom

White Nights Marathon in St. Petersburg

White Nights Marathon/ Белые ночи марафон Palace Square/ Дворцовая площадь June 30, 2013 9.00- 15.00 (6 hours allowed to complete the marathon) I am extremely fortunate to know Irina Aleksandrovna Boggie, my neighbor, Russian language teacher, and dear friend. She grew up in Novokuznetsk, studied in St. Petersburg, and now lives in northern Minnesota, a place […]

The Scarlet Sails 2013 in St. Petersburg

Scarlet Sails/ Алые паруса Palace Embankment/ Дворцовая набережная The main festivities lasted from 22.00- 2.30  In the United States, while students gleefully anticipate the end of the school year, they tend to celebrate it in a low-key manner (i.e. small graduation parties, sleeping in and watching TV all day, etc.). St. Petersburg, on the other […]

Statoil Presentation in St. Petersburg

Statoil Presentation at the Nevsky Palace Hotel / Statoil презентация в Невскoм Палас Отеле Nevsky Prospekt, 57/ Невский проспект, 57 The official company webite: The School of Russian and Asian Studies (SRAS) not only stresses the importance that familiarity with Russia can have in a future career, but also emphasizes the sheer diversity of career paths […]

“The Triumph of the Romanov Empire” in St. Petersburg

“The Triumph of the Romanov Empire”/ Триумф империи Романовых Невский проспект,  14 Open 24 hours  The year 2013 coincides with a major milestone in Russian history, as it marks the 400th anniversary of the founding of the Romanov dynasty. One of the ways that St. Petersburg, a former capital of the tsars, is commemorating this event is […]

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