Author: Kyle Mendes

Schwarma: Street Food in Moscow

Донер в лаваше, Куры Гриль, Свежая Выпечка / Donners in Lavash, Chicken Grill, Fresh Baked Goods  Kiosk, Университетская площадь Meals for 100 Rubles+ / ~$3.30+ Getting to Universitetskaya Ploshchad isn’t hard at all, but some basic directions are probably in order seeing as how there are so many food kiosks there: If you come out […]

Moscow State’s Student Cafeteria

Столовая МГУ / Dining Hall MGU    Meals for ~$4 The ominous facade of the MGU building provides, along with the other six Stalinist ‘sisters’, a fascinating example of Socialist Realist architecture and a physical manifestation of Soviet discourse. The building creates a real feeling of upward motion or, perhaps, an aggressive, climbing struggle towards the […]

Livan House – Middle Eastern in Moscow

Ливан Хаус  / Livan House  Kiosk, Проспект Вернадского, near ТЦ “Капитолий” (See Map) Shwarma for students 99 Rubles, Salads for ~80 Rubles; Meals for 350 Rubles+ Food/Service If you find yourself tired of dorm food and yet visiting the food court at Kapitoli perhaps a little too often, causing a certain disillusionment as a result […]

Teremok: Fast Blini in Moscow

Теремок  / Teremok  ул. Арбат, д. 32, стр. 1 (м. “Смоленская”) (See Map) Meals for ~$5 and up The rather charming Teremok location on Old Arbat is closest to the metro station on Smolenskaya on the dark blue line. However, if you come out of the Smolenskaya station on the light blue line, you can […]

Stardogs: Street Hot Dogs in Moscow

Стардог!с  / Stardogs  Университетская площадь / Kiosk near Universitetskaya Ploshad (See Map) (and many other locations around Moscow)  Meals for ~$3.60 or less I’ve been told that Stardogs is the butt of many-a-joke here in Moscow, and to be honest, I think I can understand why. The experience of going to one of their kiosks […]

Vladimir: Russian with a Touch of Class

Владимир  / Vladimir  5-й Котельнический пер., 1 (м. “Таганская”) (See Map) Business Lunch for ~$6 Finding Vladimir may be a bit tricky for the directionally challenged. The main thing to keep in mind is that you’ll need come out of the Tagnaskaya on the brown line, and not the Taganskaya on the purple line. There […]

Korshka Kartoshka: Cheap Potatoes in Moscow

Крошка-Картошка / Kroshka-Kartoshka Пр. Вернадского, kiosk (one of many around Moscow)   Meals for ~60-200 Rubles/ ~$2-$6 I’m only a couple of weeks into my program, and SRAS has already provided two lovely tours for its Moscow students. However, as there is much to see in Moscow and as it is a “walking city,” the hours […]

Korchma: Ukrainian Delicacies in Moscow

Корчма  / Korchma Петровка, 30/7 (м. “Пушкинская”) (See Map) Meals for ~$12 and up To find Korchma simply come out of the metro and walk down Strastnoi Blvd. Petrovka will be running parallel to that street and Korchma will be one of the first places you’ll see. Location/Service Somewhat hidden and having only two small […]

Chaikhona: A Taste of Uzbek in Moscow

Чайхoна / Chaikhona 1-я Тверская-Ямская ул., 7 м. Маяковская (See Map) Meals for ~$10 and up Finding Chaikhana is no trouble at all: just come out of the Mayakovskaya station, turn away from the Kremlin, and head right down the street. You’ll see Chaikhana’s colorful edifice on the left-hand side of the street. Location/Service Chaikhana […]

Bliny: An Eponymous Soviet Cafe in Moscow

Bliny / Блины Воронцовская ул., 8 м. Таганская (See Map) Meals for ~$10 and up, business lunch for $7 There are a few streets that go in different directions once you get out of the Taganskaya station and one may, like me, have a bit of a hard time finding it.  But if you look […]

Avocado: Vegetarian in Moscow

Avocado / Авокадо Чистопрудный бульвар, 12/2 м. Чистые Пруды (See Map) Meals for ~$10 and up, business lunch for $7 To find Avocado simply come out of the Chistie Prudy station, stay to the right, and walk down the street. You’ll run into the restaurant in about a quarter of a mile or so. They […]

Kruzhka – Moscow Pub Food

Кружка  / Kruzhka Ниж. Радищевская ул., 10 строение 1 (м. “Таганская”) (See Map) Meals for ~$7 and up, Business Lunch ~$5.60 Kruzhka is a very interesting place. You think that you’re entering a bar as you go through the heavy wooden door. The bottom floor is a dark room with red brick walls upon which […]

Chicken Grill – Kiosks of Moscow

Куры Гриль  / Chicken Grill Kiosk, Проспект Вернадского, near ТЦ “Капитолий” (See Map) Shwarma 90 Rubles, Chebureks 20-40 Rubles, Kuri Gril 180 Rubles Location/Service This colorful kiosk located right outside the Kapitolii shopping mall near the university temps thee passerby with its smells and low prices. Indeed, while the cheburek with meat may be a […]

East Buffet: Moscow Does Chinese

Ист Буфет / East Buffet Новослободская ул., 16 м. Менделеевская (See Map) Monstrous Meals for ~$9; Red Plate Special (recommended) ~$10.50 As it turns out, paradise does indeed exist on earth. And as a matter of fact, it has a precise location and address: the second floor of a commercial center at 16 Novoslobodskaya, where […]

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