Author: Jacqueline Dufalla

The Trouble with English

Before heading to St. Petersburg, SRAS coordinator, April Djakoniya, asked each of us to write down any volunteer opportunities we wanted to pursue. When studying Russian in America, one of the most helpful resources for me was native speaker volunteers, who were willing to sit through my poor Russian speaking and still always be very […]

Soviet Cafe, “Kvartirka” in St. Petersburg

Kvartirka/Квартирка Nevsky Prospekt 51 Metro Маяковская Naturally, there are still signs of the Soviet Union in St. Petersburg, or as the city was called about 20 years ago, Leningrad. However, it is still difficult to find places that are really, shockingly Soviet. One of these places is the preserved Soviet-style restaurant, Kvartirka, (which means “Little […]

Home Sweet Homestay

For most students looking to study abroad, one of the biggest questions they face is whether to pay the extra money for a homestay, or just live in the dorms, which for SRAS programs, are covered in your base cost. I have been lucky enough to study in Moscow and live at the dorms, and study in St. […]

A Walk through a few Parks in St. Petersburg

Mikhailovsky Park, Field of Mars, and the Summer Garden/ Михайловский cад, Марсово поле и Летний cад Центральный район/Central Region of the City Metro: Невский Проспект On beautiful, sunny days in St. Petersburg, many Russians head to the beautiful shaded areas of the city, such as three popular parks and gardens that make up a trifecta just […]

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