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Pacific Style Week Fashion Show in Vladivostok

Pacific Style Week Fashion Show/ Дефиле Недели Моды во Владивостоке Спортивный комплекс Чемпион-1: П-кт. Партизанский, д. 44 April 15, 2013 Free and open to the public Living there from day to day, it is often difficult to picture that the Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service is a happening place with lots going on […]

Cafe Bogema in Vladivostok

Cafe Bogema/Кафе Богема Ул. Крылова, д. 10, здание Ливонии 11 am – 12 am Daily Meals from $4 For the last month of the Cheap Eats challenge, I decided to stick with a theme that I explored in my last entries: stopping into those nearby nooks and crannies that you always see, but never really […]

Jazz Evening at Michelle in Vladivostok

Jazz Evening at Michelle/Джазовый Вечер в Мишеле Ул. Уборевича, д. 5а, 8 этаж Fridays, 8 pm – 11 pm (approximately) Open to restaurant patrons only I think most would agree that some of the best moments in life are when one’s normally separate interests come together to form a new and interesting fusion activity that […]

Bite Burger in Vladivostok

Bite Burger Пр-кт Красного Знамени, д. 59 9 am – 11 pm Daily Meals from $4.50 Vladivostok has been going through a bit of an “April showers” period. As I dislike this type of weather immensely, it has necessitated that I stay close to home (i.e., within about a ½ mile radius), and, in doing […]

AutoVladCar Exhibition in Vladivostok

AutoVladCar Exhibition/Выставка AutoVladCar Спортивный комплекс Чемпион-1: П-кт. Партизанский, д. 44 April 10-12, 2013 Free and open to the public Being from Chicago, one event that I especially miss when I’m abroad is the annual Auto Show. It’s a huge deal back home, and is truly an interesting and exciting time, as you roam among the […]

Khan Guk Kvan in Vladivostok

 Khan Guk Kvan/Хангуккван Пр-т. Красного Знамени, д. 45 12 pm – 12 am Daily Meals from $8.50 My first April entry is dedicated to that wise old adage: “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” And indeed this is a phrase that one should always keep in the back of one’s mind when traveling in […]

Rap Battle for New Talent in Vladivostok

Rap Battle for New Talent/Rap Battle Новые Таланты Бар-клуб Егерь – ул. Светланская, д. 18 March 16, 2013 – 5 pm Entrance: 200 rub One of the very cool things about living in a foreign city for an extended period of time is that you begin to actually become absorbed in the spheres of life […]

Milk & Honey in Vladivostok

Milk & Honey/Молоко & Мед Ул. Суханова, д. 6а Sun-Thurs: 11 am – 1 am, Fri-Sat: 11 am – 3am Meals from $8.50 In almost any Russian city you will see a continental European-style cafe on almost every corner. Vladivostok is certainly no exception to this rule, as these chic hangouts are the “in” places […]

Ukh, Ty Blin! in Vladivostok

Ukh, Ty Blin!/Ух, Ты Блин! Ул. Адмирал Фокина, д. 9 10 am – 9 pm Daily Meals from $4 Having just come out of the Масленица (Maslenitsa) season, I was going through блины (bliny) withdrawal pretty badly. As usual, however, I was too lazy to put hand to stovetop on my own, so I, along […]

Kaval Rap Concert in Vladivostok

Kaval Rap Concert/Кавал Рэп Концерт Ул. Суханова, д. 3 (BSB Club) 3 Feb, 9 pm ~ 12 am Entrance: 200 rubles For all those thirsty for another taste, there is more news from the rap underground in Vladivostok. On February 3, local rap artist Kaval put on his first headlining show at the BSB Club. […]

Puppet Theater in Vladivostok

Puppet Theater Production Garnir po-frantsuzki/Гарнир по-французки Ул. Петра Великого, д. 8 (Театр Кукол) Select dates in February with a possible extended March run Tickets: 200 rubles Russian drama is one of the worlds most respected. Greats like Ostrovskii and Chekhov changed the way that theatre itself was defined, and revolutionized the dramatic storyline and its […]

Kebab in Vladivostok

Kebab/Кебаб Ул. Фокина, д. 16 9:30 am – 9 pm daily Meals from $3 My next February Cheap Eats is, thankfully, a much better bet for my readers than my last entry. (World’s Best) Kebab is the type of place already familiar to me from my stays in St. Petersburg and Moscow, but one which […]

Dalyan in Vladivostok

Dalyan/Дальянь  Ул. Фокина, д. 12 Regular Hours: 12 pm – 1 am daily Business Lunch: 12 pm  – 4 pm Mon-Fri Meals from $8.33 After a winter holiday hiatus, I am back with some new Cheap Eats in Vladivostok for all my adoring fans (sense the slight sarcasm there?)! First up is a place in […]

VGUES Basketball in Vladivostok

VGUES Basketball Team/Баскетбольная Команда ВГУЭС ВГУЭС – ул. Гогола, д. 41 Usually 8 – 10 pm Free!  One thing to which many Americans, raised on fantasies of Superbowl rings and World Series pennants, may have trouble adjusting when in Vladivostok is the sheer lack of familiar sporting events. Especially if one lacks as a TV […]

Cafe Eliss in Vladivostok

Cafe Eliss/Закусочная Элисс Ул. Мордовцева, д. 3 11 am – 12 pm Daily Meals from $6  As may have been apparent throughout my last few posts, I believe that “Cheap Eats” should not only be cheap, but also accessible. Of course there are some cheap greasy spoon type restaurants on the outer edges of town, […]

The Two Georgians in Vladivostok

The Two Georgians/Два Грузина Ул. Пограничная, д. 12 10 am – 1 am daily Meals from $6 So with all the culinary writing I’ve been doing about Georgian food of late, I developed a serious hankering for some authentic “southern” cuisine! In light of this, I decided to take in a meal at Два Грузина […]

Street Food in Vladivostok

Food Stands/Киоски с едой City-Wide (Most often found in the city center) Hours: About 9 or 10 am – Sunset Meals from $2.50  In my search for “cheap eats,” I usually scour the city with a keen eye for business lunch offerings or somewhat out-of-the-way, backroads establishments that seem to be offering up a plethora […]

The House of Navy Officers Theater in Vladivostok

“Chmorik” / “Чморик” at Дом Офицеров Флота / The House of Navy Officers Ул. Светланская, д. 48 Starts at 5 pm; Shows every month – check the theater for schedual Cost: 200 rubles  Russia being a country so rich in the dramatic tradition, home to such greats as Chekhov, Gorkii and Ostrovskii, I was a […]

Rap Battle in Vladivostok

Rap Battle at the Davidov/Рэп Битва в Давыдове Ул. Давыдова, д. 5 Start at 5:00 pm Cost: 300 ruble entrance fee  For the interested and enthusiastic seeker of revels, Vladivostok can easily be classified as a place of wonders. I am happy to say that I was both a spectator and a participant in one […]

Republic in Vladivostok

Republic Океанский П-к., д. 17 Mon-Thurs: 9 am – 11 pm, Fri-Sat: 9 am – 12 am, Sun: 10 am – 11 pm Meals from $4.50  Republic (its official name is written only in Latin letters) is possibly the best “Cheap Eat” ever. I am SO glad to have found this place; it will definitely […]

Picasso Exhibit in Vladivostok

Picasso/Пикассо Ул. Аксаковская, д. 12 Hours: 11 am – 7 pm Cost: Adults – 300 ru, Students – 200 ru, Schoolchildren – 150 ru, Veterans & Very Young – Free Let it never be said that Vladivostok is not a cultured town; you just have to search for it. Following the posting of some interesting […]

VGUES Museum-Exhibit Complex

VGUES Museum-Exhibit Complex/Музейно-Выставочный Комплекс ВГУЕСа Ул. Гоголя, д. 41 Hours: 10 am – 4 pm, Mon-Fri Free and open to the public  For my first cultural review, I decided to feature something that has been right under my nose this whole month, but which I did not discover until a few weeks ago – VGUES […]

China Town in Vladivostok

China Town/Чайна-Таун Ул. Крылова, д. 10 Hours: 12 pm – 1 am Meals from $7  Once again in the interests of staying “close to home,” I chose go to a restaurant that is basically across the street from VGUES’s major student entrance right outside the theatre “Underground” on Krylova Street. Чайна Таун (China Town) is […]

Kafe Latte in Vladivostok

Kafe Latte/Кафе Латте Ул. Светланская, д. 83 Hours: 24/7 Meals from $5 Кафе Латте (Cafe Latte) is a very trendy, very laid back, 24-hour café along one of Vladivostok’s main drags, Svetlanskaya Street. Sandwiched in between several popular night clubs, and almost immediately under the funicular, а tram operated on a pulley system that takes […]

Sushi-T in Vladivostok

Sushi-T/Суши-Т Ул. Некрасовская, д. 100 / Hours: Sun-Thurs 10 am – 11 pm, Fri-Sat 10 am – 12 am Meals from $7  So the very purpose of my reporting to you, the interested, on food locations in Russia’s eastern outpost is to encourage you, when you make the trip, to get out and explore […]

Restaurant Avanta in Vladivostok

Restaurant Avanta/Ресторан Аванта г. Владивосток, ул. Гоголя, 41 Hours: 7:30 am – 12:00 am (Kitchen closes at 11:00 pm) Meals from $4 Ресторан Аванта (Restaurant Avanta) is actually located within Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service, the place where all of SRAS students stay! One of the interesting things about studying at this university […]

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