Author: David Parker

LyudiKakLyudi: Tasty Quick Lunch in Moscow

LyudiKakLyudi / ЛюдиКакЛюди Colyansky tupik 1/4 Metro Kitai Gorod (See Map) Hip Sandwiches and Pies Meals for $5-10 After my trip to the ultra-Soviet pelmennaya, I decided to change my focus a little—this is a huge, dynamic city, after all, so why not check out what the new Moscow has to offer? LyudiKakLyudi is a […]

Pelmenaya: Soviet Nostalgia in Moscow

Pelmenaya / Пельменная ul. Krasina 7 Metro Mayakovskaya (See Map) Soviet-style Pelmeni Meals for $3-8 Last week my friend Nelson and I stopped by what is said to be one of the last surviving eateries from the Soviet era in Moscow, the aptly named Pelmennaya. At one time, these were staples of Soviet life: small, […]

King’s Falafel: Vegetarian Friendly in Moscow

King’s Falafel / Королевский фалафель ul. Usacheva 32/36 Metro Sportivnaya (See Map) Middle Eastern: Traditional & Fusion Snacks for $4; Meals for $8-10 In my hometown of Anchorage, Alaska, there is only one place to get falafel—a tiny little roadside café named “Falafel King.” The best place to get falafel in Moscow is a tiny […]

Buryat Cuisine in Moscow

The Tennis Academy Sport-Café of Buryat Cuisine  Спорт-кафе академии тенниса с бурятской кухней Leningradskii Prospekt 36, str. 29 Metro Aeroport (See Map) Traditional Buryat Cuisine Snacks for $4; Meals for $8-12 For my junior year I spent nine months abroad in Irkutsk, in Eastern Siberia. The indigenous Buryat have a lot in common with their […]

Sovetskaya Cheburechnaya: Soviet Nostalgia in Moscow

Sovetskaya Cheburechnaya / Советская чебуречная ul. Krasina 27, str. 1 Metro Mayakovskaya (See Map) Greasy Spoon, Soviet Kitsch Snacks for $2; Meals for $4-8 The cheburek is a fried turnover, traditionally stuffed with meat, that is said to have originated among the Crimean Tatars. During the Soviet era the delightfully greasy pastry became a street-food […]

Mu Mu: The Best Cafeteria Deal in Moscow

MU-MU / МУ-МУ 4, ul. Arbatskaya str. 1 Metro Arbatskaya (See Map) Russian Cafeteria-style Dining Meals for $5-10 Four years ago, when I was a still learning the basics of Russian, our professor Tatiana brought in a menu from a Moscow fast food chain called “Mu-Mu.” She passed it around the classroom and patiently tried […]

Grabli: The Hipper Cafeteria in Moscow

Grabli / Грабли 27 ul. Pyatnitskaya Metro Novokuznetskaya (See Map) Russian Cafeteria-style Dining Meals for $8-12 A trip to the dacha, or countryside home, is a quintessential Russian experience—some fresh air, a little sweat in the garden, and a huge meal of freshly grown produce in the evening. For many Muscovites, however, this opportunity to […]

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