Author: Alex Misbach

A Trip to Tsarskoye Selo from St. Petersburg

While my short stay in St. Petersburg was quickly dwindling down, I was determined to get to a few more places outside of the city. Next on my list was another former residence of the tsar though perhaps better known in its capacity as the formative lyceum of many a renowned Russian poet including the […]

Vladivostok: A Guide to Hiking and Beaches

If there is one thing I will regret about having spent an academic year in Vladivostok, it will be not spending an entire calendar year here. The winter truly does have a beauty unto its own as the ocean freezes and unfolds a new landscape unto the pedestrian explorer. On the other hand, being the […]

Local Travel – Getting out of Vladivostok

One of my favorite sensations as a traveler is finding myself in an unknown area with a wide-open schedule. Those with a sense of wanderlust can find plenty of opportunities to feed it while in Vladivostok. I have recently been making the effort to get out of the city center and see what the smaller […]