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White Rabbit in Moscow

White Rabbit БЦ “Смоленский Пассаж”, Смоленская пл., 3, Москва Hours: 12:00 pm-2:00 am Prices: 900 rubles+ For the not-so-wealthy student who is “cursed” with the love of exquisite food, the opportunity to dine at a fancy, yet accessible establishment is quite rare. By accessible, I mean a restaurant that is affordable, local, and doesn’t […]

Rucola Italian Restaurant in Moscow

Руккола/Rucola Arbat St, 19, Moskva, 119002 Hours: 10:00 am – 12:00 am Prices: 450 rubles+ As a huge fan of Italian food, I’ve been really excited about the ubiquitous presence of Italian cuisine in Moscow. So far, one of my favorite places is Rukola. Like many restaurants in Moscow, it is much bigger than it […]

Vostochnyi Kvartal Cafe in Moscow

Восточный Квартал/Vostochnyi Kvartal г. Москва, ул. Арбат, 45/24 Hours: 12:00 pm-11:00 pm Prices:8+ Central Asian food seems to be all the rage in Moscow. These restaurants are often decorated with beautiful Central Asian designs and décor, and often have a “hip” theme. There is often hookah served, furniture upholstered in a Central Asian or […]

Bento Wok in Moscow

Бенто Wok/Bento Wok  Адрес: Авиамоторная улица, 39 Hours: 10:00-23:00 Prices: $5+ Sushi is extremely popular in Moscow. You’ve probably noticed that everyday cafes offer a variety of sushi along with other dishes, whether Italian or Armenian. In fact, Russians eat more sushi than the Japanese. Fresh fish is flown in everyday to Moscow on […]

A Night Out: Noodle Mama and the Red October Factory in Moscow

A Night Out: Noodle Mama and the Red October Factory Metro: Kropotkinskaya After a long day of studying and finishing up homework at the Higher School of Economics, I’m usually back in my dorm room before nighttime. However, one day, I managed to stay out a little later and explored the city with some of […]

Nikolai Cafe in Moscow

Кафе Николай/Nikolai Cafe Старая Басманная, 5 Hours: 9:00 – 20:00 Prices: 175 rubles+ If you are studying at the Higher School of Economics through SRAS, there is a restaurant that you’ve probably missed on the way to the classroom building on Staraya Basmannaya. On the outside, the faded purple sign that says”Nikolai” may lead […]

Tea 42 in Moscow

Cafe 42 ул. Красноказарменная, 23, Москва Hours: 9:00-23:00 Closed: Sunday Meals from 350 rubles+ 8 (919) 992-62-11 Tea 42 is located about 15 minutes walking distance from the Higher School of Economics dormitories at Aviamotornaya. This is my favorite place in the area to get work done or relax. It’s quiet and spacious. Like […]

Roman Festival in Moscow

A Roman Festival in Moscow – “Times and Epochs” Kolomenskoye Park Metro Stop: Kolomenskaya (Dark green line, south) Free Entrance Attending a Roman festival is one of the last things I thought I would be doing during my study abroad in Moscow. This festival was held in Kolomskoye Park from June 6-7, 2015. As with […]

Chainaya by Kolomskoye Park in Moscow

Чайная/Chainaya Andropova Ave., 39 Prices: 450 rubles+  Shashlyk is a simple meat dish that is made by literally putting meat to fire. However, the way it’s done here in most restaurants is usually attributed to Central Asia / the Caucasus. It’s usually marinated sheep, beef, chicken or fish skewered on a metal stick and barbecued. […]

Varenichnaya in Moscow

Вареничная №1 / Varenichnaya №1 Arbat St, 29 (and other locations) Hours- 10:00-0:00 Prices: 175 rubles+ At first, I wasn’t too keen on going to this cafe. The menu at Varenichnaya seemed similar to any other cafe or food stand in Moscow, yet the food was more expensive. I ordered kotleti po-kievski, or chicken cutlet […]

OMG! Coffee in Moscow

OMG! Coffee ул. Старая Басманная, 6, стр. 3 M-F: 08:30 – 23:00 Sat-Sun: 11:00 – 23:00 Prices: 300 rubles + I think I’ve found my go-to cafe for lunch near the Higher School of Economics classroom building on Staraya Basmannaya. Apparently, it’s also the go-to place for many other local business people. When we […]

Florentini Cafe in Moscow

Florentini City Cafe ул. Старая Басманная 9/1, Москва, 105064 Hours: 12:00-23:00 Prices: 400 rubles + If you are studying at the Higher School of Economics (HSE) and need a break from the food at the stolovayas, try some of the cafes located nearby. Florentini City Cafe is located on Staraya Basmannaya Street, which is […]

Lefortovskii Rinok in Moscow

Лефортовский Pынок / Lefortovskii Rinok Ул. Авиамоторная, 39, Москва, 111024 Hours: 8:00-20:00 Although newer students might feel inclined to head to a familiar supermarket style store for groceries, I urge you to give the local рынок a visit. A рынок is a bazaar-style market that often has clothes, meats, tea, vegetables, fruits, cookies and candy. Sometimes […]

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