International Relations Internship in Moscow: PIR Center, Part II: The Youth of PIR Center

As told in Part I of this entry, I intern at the PIR Center for International Studies Autonomous Non-for-Profit Organization (Автономная некоммерческая организации «Научный центр международных исследований «ПИР»). One very interesting portion of the organization’s staff is its interns. PIR Center typically houses interns for a few months at a time. Most of the interns […]

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International Relations Internship in Moscow: PIR Center, Part I

I am currently serving an internship in Moscow at the PIR Center for International Studies Autonomous Non-for-Profit Organization (Автономная некоммерческая организации «Научный центр международных исследований «ПИР»). This independent non-governmental organization was founded in 1994 and serves as a major research engine and source of publications on nuclear nonproliferation, conventional arms control, foreign policy and international […]

Personal Experience: NGO Internship in St. Petersburg

For the past seven months I have been living and studying in St. Petersburg, Russia through the SRAS Russian Studies Abroad program. Through the program, SRAS was able to set me up with an internship in my field and support me throughout the process from the initial meeting with the organization, and checkups along the […]

Christopher Brennan: Online News from Russia

Christopher Brennan is an Associate Editor with The Moscow Times and runs that publication’s website and Facebook feed. He formerly served an SRAS-arranged journalism internship there over the summer of 2012 while studying Russian at MGU. He is a recent graduate of Columbia University with degrees in Political Science and Russian Literature and Culture. SRAS: You are currently an Associate […]

Matt Robertson: From Russian History to Environment

Matt Robertson is the Programs Director at Tahoe Baikal Institute (TBI), an NGO that connects two of the world’s unique lake ecosystems and, in doing so, promotes Russian-American cultural awareness as well as international cooperation, sustainable development, environmental policy, and peace. He previously studied abroad with SRAS’s Russian as a Second Language program in Moscow and later with TBI’s SEE […]

Elizabeth Bagot: From Intern to Professional in Russia

Elizabeth Bagot holds a BA from Stanford University in International Relations with a minor in Russian Studies. After graduation, she enrolled for a full year of Russian as a Second Language through SRAS to improve her language skills. She also served an NGO internship and business internship while abroad – which helped lead her to […]

Erin Decker: Translation, Editing, and Advancement in Russia

Erin Decker holds a BA in Political Science and International Studies (Global Security) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After completing SRAS’s Translate Abroad program in 2009, she went on to find employment as a translator and editor in Moscow and has lived there since.  SRAS: You are currently an analyst-level editor for Equity & Fixed Income Research at […]

Shoshana Bella Billik: Techy Russian

Shoshana Bella Billik has degrees in Russian and Information Technology. She has worked for NASA, helped disabled children in Russia learn computer skills, and studied the spread of the Internet in Russia and Central Asia. She also participated in SRAS’s Siberian Studies program. We recently sat down to talk to her about all this.  SRAS: You earned an […]

Tabitha Smith: Practical Pulsars

Tabitha Smith completed a customized Russian as a Second Language (RSL) program with The School of Russian and Asian Studies (SRAS) during the summer of 2009. The program combined a month of RSL in St. Petersburg, Russia, with visa and travel services to support a month of independently-arranged scientific research in Pushchino, Russia. Contact SRAS for more info on […]

Julia Vail: Reporting on Russia

Julia Vail studied with The School of Russian and Asian Studies (SRAS) under the Russian as a Profession program (now part of the Russian Studies Abroad program), combining language and subject study with a hands-on internship in Moscow. She has used this experience to help land a full-time career in journalism and publishing. SRAS: When did you first become […]

Katherine Avgerinos: Leveraging Study and Work Abroad

Katherine Avgerinos is enrolled in the International Relations Program at Syracuse University’s Maxwell School. She was accepted to this program, at least in part, on the basis of her international experience in Russia and Greece and the professional experience she built while in Russia. She recently sat down to tell us about those experiences. SRAS: We […]

Andrea Neulaendtner: Value in Language and Internships

Andrea Neulaendtner has recently finished her MA in International Relations from Webster University in Geneva, Austria. An Austrian citizen and native German speaker, Andrea also speaks English, Russian, and French and has also studied Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese. She’s served many internships across the globe, including one in Moscow with Synergy International Systems where she helped develop information systems […]

Becky Bavinger: Doctors of the World, St. Petersburg

Becky Bavinger is a senior at Georgetown University with a strong interest in volunteerism.  This summer she took classes at SPGU and held an internship with Doctors of the World. SRAS:  Becky, it’s great to finally sit down with you.  Becky:  Great to see you too. Sorry it took me a while to respond to […]

Christine Nakahara: Studying, Interning, and Multiculturalism in Moscow

Christine Nakahara studied Russian and Business at Moscow State University (MGU) and even found herself a job at a law firm in Moscow. SRAS: We understand that your first love was classical music. How did that translate into a love for Russian? Christine: I’d been seriously playing the piano & violin since I was a toddler. I learned to have […]

Mark Lanning: Studying, Interning, and Funding

Mark Lanning has a resume to envy. He’s earning a Masters at Princeton in Public and International Affairs and has served internships with Colin Powell, the Carnegie Foundation, and Chevron-Texaco. To boot, he knows a handful of languages including Russian, German, and now some Chinese. He took some time to talk with us about internships […]

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