History of Vegetarianism in Russia

The following article originally appeared in Russian on Vegetarianskij.ru. It has been translated and adapted by SRAS for presentation here. History of Vegetarianism in Russia The official coming of vegetarianism to Russia was inaugurated with the opening of the first vegetarian society. This was in Saint-Petersburg in the mid-1860s. The society was humorously called “Ни […]

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The Vegetarian’s Guide to Bishkek

Being a vegetarian in Bishkek was not nearly as challenging as I had expected it to be. This incomplete guide covers some of the places and dishes I discovered during my nine months in Kyrgyzstan’s capital that made vegetarianism there even easier, and more delicious. I’m not a vegan (I eat diary and eggs), but […]

A Student’s Grocer’s Guide: Vladivostok

Along with all of the positives that are part and parcel of moving to a new city – experiencing a new culture, learning a new language, making new acquaintances – there are of course difficulties. Hopefully, this short guide will work to ameliorate at least one of the challenges of settling into a lifestyle; namely, […]

Vegan in Moscow: Anna Westby’s Story

While there are far fewer vegans and vegetarians in Russia than there are in the US, and while being a vegan in Moscow is still a bit of an oddity, vegetarianism and veganism in Russia is on the rise. Resultantly, the number of eating establishments that cater to vegans and vegetarians are also on the […]

How to Survive as a Vegetarian in Irkutsk

How to Survive as a Vegetarian in Irkutsk By Lacey Reimer I knew that being a vegetarian studying abroad in Irkutsk would not be easy. Most Russian dishes are filled with chicken, beef, and/or fish. Although I was a little upset that I would not be able to enjoy some of the more traditional Russian […]

Veganika Market in St. Petersburg

Veganika Market 7 Moskovsky Prospekt (Metro Sennaya Ploshad) Open daily from 12:00 p.m. to 8 p.m. http://veganika.ru/ Russian cuisine is perhaps best known for its pierogi, pelmeni, soups – and the sour cream that tops them all.  The soups are often beef-stock based, and even veggie-stuffed pierogi are usually made with generous helpings of butter […]

Vegetarian in Moscow

By Audrey Wood Audrey Wood is a freelance translator and journalist living and working in Moscow. She is also a devout vegetarian. We asked her to share some of her thoughts on being vegetarian abroad. Note: this focuses on Moscow, but our St. Petersburg Guide has info on vegetarian restaurants in Russia’s other capital! See our […]

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