Five Great Burger Places in St. Petersburg, Russia 

When studying abroad in any country, it’s completely normal to go through periods of culture shock and homesickness. Every student will discover their own ways to fight this, whether it be through watching a favorite movie or calling a friend or family member. Personally, whenever I find myself missing home, I typically go on a […]

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Tarasa Shevchenko Park

Tarasa Shevchenko Park in Kyiv Volodymyrska Street 60 Open always Not unlike in any northern city that spends its winters under cloud cover, devoid of blue skies, sunlight, and Vitamin D for several months, the Spring in Kyiv is a magical time. People emerge from their homes, offices, and the cafe-bars where they’ve been hiding […]

Burger Club in Bishkek

Burger Club 9:00-22:00 150a Chui Prospect Meals for around $3 At some point during everyone’s time in Bishkek they are going to think to themselves, “Wow I really want American fast food, like maybe a Burger King.” Well, that’s honestly impossible unless you’re willing to drive to Almaty, Kazakhstan. The good news is, however, there […]

Burger House in Bishkek

Burger House 9:30-23:00 71 Kievskaya Street Entrees for around $5 There comes a time for every American student in Bishkek, when he/she just wants American food again. Having spent quality time exploring every popular expat option available in the city I can help anyone out. Burger House is the closest thing to a Five Guy’s […]

Seven Places in Moscow Where You Can Eat For ~200 Rubles

With the current exchange rates, Moscow is a remarkably affordable place for foreign students. However, we should all be careful with budgets – even as we are adventurous in trying to new places. Here is a line up of remarkable and affordable places to eat around Moscow. This list was originally offered by the Facebook […]

Bishkek Street Food: Corn on the Cob

Горячая кукуруза / Hot Corn Address: Throughout Bishkek Price: 50 som (about $0.75) for one large cob, but varies with seller and market. During the summer months one can find plenty of things to buy on street corners: drinks, snacks, newspapers and the list can go on and on.  One of the more unexpected buys that […]

A Night Out: Noodle Mama and the Red October Factory in Moscow

A Night Out: Noodle Mama and the Red October Factory Metro: Kropotkinskaya After a long day of studying and finishing up homework at the Higher School of Economics, I’m usually back in my dorm room before nighttime. However, one day, I managed to stay out a little later and explored the city with some of […]

Nikolai Cafe in Moscow

Кафе Николай/Nikolai Cafe Старая Басманная, 5 Hours: 9:00 – 20:00 Prices: 175 rubles+ If you are studying at the Higher School of Economics through SRAS, there is a restaurant that you’ve probably missed on the way to the classroom building on Staraya Basmannaya. On the outside, the faded purple sign that says”Nikolai” may lead […]

Eight Places to Find Bishkek’s Best Shashlik, According to Locals

The following guide was created by Enot, an Russian-language online publication about local culture, business, food, shops, events, and people in Bishkek that has been popular with SRAS students studying there. It has been translated to English by SRAS Home and Abroad Scholar Sophia Rehm for the benefit of our students who do not yet […]

Burrito Stand in Bishkek

Burrito Mexican Fast Food Stand Советская пр. (Walk South from London School on the West side of the street for about 15 minutes) Meals for $3 If I told you that my favorite Burrito in the whole world was from a stand in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, you probably wouldn’t believe me. Heck, I don’t believe me […]

Soviet Cafeteria in Bishkek

Soviet Cafeteria/Советская Столовая ул. Чуй (рядом с Цум) Full Meal from $3 The Soviet-style cafeteria next to Tsum in Bishkek has large banner on it’s side that advertises it as tasty, fast, and cheap. That sounded ideal, so today when I needed to grab lunch quickly, I figured I give it a shot. I walked […]

“Canteen” Cafe in Kyiv

Їдальня/Canteen Cafe Corner of Yaroslviv Val & Strelets’ka Streets Meals from $5  «Їдальня» is one of those ideal cafes often praised in study abroad guides and which can sometimes be very difficult to find: cheap, friendly, and filled with authentic local cuisine. Located on the corner of Yaroslviv Val and Strelets’ka streets, just down the […]

Summer Sips on the Streets of Bishkek

You know it’s summer in Bishkek when refreshment stands pop up all over the city. At least, that’s how I understand it. What a welcome change from the gray, wintry Bishkek I first knew when I arrived in the dead of winter of January. Kyrgyzstan’s capital is now brightened with striped umbrellas, the chatter of […]

Bigger, Better Street Food in Bishkek

Altyn Dan Address: Corner of Sovietskaya and Kievskaya Streets Price: Shawarma – 80 som, Gamberger – 60 som One of the Bishkek’s most popular street food joints is a kiosk on the corner of Sovietskaya and Kievskaya called Altyn Dan (in Kyrgyz, Алтын ден), which means “Golden Grain.” Everyday, no matter the time, no matter […]

Bite Burger in Vladivostok

Bite Burger Пр-кт Красного Знамени, д. 59 9 am – 11 pm Daily Meals from $4.50 Vladivostok has been going through a bit of an “April showers” period. As I dislike this type of weather immensely, it has necessitated that I stay close to home (i.e., within about a ½ mile radius), and, in doing […]

Stolle in St. Petersburg

 Stolle / Штолле 11 Nevsky Prospekt (Metro Admiralteyskaya) Open daily 9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Meals from 160 rubles There is no shortage of places to find pierogi in St. Petersburg. Pierogi and piroshki can be found in grocery stores, at food trucks, being sold by babushkas near the metro station, and at bakeries. […]

Pyshki: Donuts in St. Petersburg

Пышки/Pyshki 25 Bolshaya Konushenaya, (Metro Nevsky Prospekt) Open 9 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily Snacks from 12 rubles You probably know the place is good when you post a picture of your food to Facebook and your professor back in the States knows exactly where you got it because she ate the same thing at […]

Ukh, Ty Blin! in Vladivostok

Ukh, Ty Blin!/Ух, Ты Блин! Ул. Адмирал Фокина, д. 9 10 am – 9 pm Daily Meals from $4 Having just come out of the Масленица (Maslenitsa) season, I was going through блины (bliny) withdrawal pretty badly. As usual, however, I was too lazy to put hand to stovetop on my own, so I, along […]

Volzhskii Rynok in Irkutsk

Volzhskii Rynok / Волжский Рынок Волжская 14 0800-1900 Contrary to the expectations of most travelers, Irkutsk is not a cheap city. While cheaper than Moscow, most products in Irkutsk are no cheaper than they would be in the United States. For this reason, if you are here for a long time you’ll try to find […]

Kebab in Vladivostok

Kebab/Кебаб Ул. Фокина, д. 16 9:30 am – 9 pm daily Meals from $3 My next February Cheap Eats is, thankfully, a much better bet for my readers than my last entry. (World’s Best) Kebab is the type of place already familiar to me from my stays in St. Petersburg and Moscow, but one which […]

Chaikhana in Irkutsk

Chaikhana / Чайхана Байкальская 14/1 1000 – 1700 A chaikhana is a traditional Uzbek restaurant, and while Central Asian food is widely available throughout Russia, a lot of it is quite bad. Chaikhana, located near the central market, is cheap, convenient, and also quite an interesting dining experience. It is also, as many chaikhanas are, […]

Street Food in Vladivostok

Food Stands/Киоски с едой City-Wide (Most often found in the city center) Hours: About 9 or 10 am – Sunset Meals from $2.50  In my search for “cheap eats,” I usually scour the city with a keen eye for business lunch offerings or somewhat out-of-the-way, backroads establishments that seem to be offering up a plethora […]

Republic in Vladivostok

Republic Океанский П-к., д. 17 Mon-Thurs: 9 am – 11 pm, Fri-Sat: 9 am – 12 am, Sun: 10 am – 11 pm Meals from $4.50  Republic (its official name is written only in Latin letters) is possibly the best “Cheap Eat” ever. I am SO glad to have found this place; it will definitely […]

Cafe Osh in Irkutsk

Cafe Osh / Кафе Ош Ул. Чехова 22 Hours: 10:00-20:00 The central market is probably one of the most interesting areas in Irkutsk. A huge area with many different trading squares, malls, and open air plazas, the market has traders from all over Asia selling items ranging from apples to cashmere socks to industrial machinery. […]

Pekarnya Osetinskiye Pirogi in Irkutsk

Pekarnya “Osetinskiye Pirogi” Черемховский Пер. 9в Hours 1000-2400 / (3952) 60-60-52 Meals from ~$7 per person  Pining for pizza? Does mayonnaise-coated lavash not fulfill your craving? Though American-style pizza can be found in Irkutsk, consider a delicious Soviet substitute – Ossetian pies! These round, pizza-like pastries are made of a deliciously greasy dough, stuffed […]

Poznaya “Kafe Hausbrandt” in Irkutsk

Poznaya “Kafe Hausbrandt” / Позная “Кафе Хаусбрандт” Ул. Горкого 32 Hours 1000-1800 Meals from ~$3 A poznaya is a type of restaurant which serves the most famous dish of the Buryat people: pozy. Pozy are large flour and water dumplings filled with fatty meat and spices and then steamed until they became fragrant sacks of […]

Cheburechnaya in Moscow

Cheburechnaya/ Чебуречная ул. Остоженка, д. 53/2. Open daily, 11:00-22:00 Meals/snacks from 45 roubles. This fast food establishment, located right behind the smaller entrance to the Park Kultury metro stop, serves чебуреки (chebureki), just as its name suggests. This Central Asian stuffed pocket of fried dough can often be found in the cases of bakery kiosks around […]

“Fresh Fast Food” Cafe in Vladivostok

Fresh Fast Food Aleutskaya, 43 Hours of Operation:  Sun – Monday – 9:00 am – 12:00 am, Fri – Sat – Open 24 hours Meals from $4 Fresh Fast Food couldn’t be more appropriately named. The cafe is centrally located and seems to cater to both the on-the-move crowd, as well as to those just […]

Cheap Eats in Bishkek: Begemot

Begemot Kiosk, intersection of Gorkovo and Batik-Baatyra/Sovyetskaya Meals for ~$3.25 After spending enough time in a place like Kyrgyzstan, one thing I (and perhaps many visitors) begin to miss is a good ol’ AMERICAN burger and fries and Coca-Cola. While many of the fast food places in Bishkek do sell a “гамбургер,” which is often […]

Cheap Campus Eats in Vladivostok (Part 2)

“The Stand” 40 Gogolya Street / Ул. Гоголя, 40 (Directly across from the university) Hours of Operation:  10:00 am – 11:00 pm Price – $4-$8 For my second Cheap Campus Eats, I’ve chosen to write about my favorite little food stand in Vladivostok, which just so happens to be located directly across the street from […]

Giraffe Fast Food in Irkutsk

Giraffe / Жираф ул. Дзержинского, 34 Meals from $3 Giraffe is a fast-food cafe not far from the Central Market in downtown Irkutsk. You’ll know it by its jolly giraffe sign and large pictures of coffee and corn dogs advertised outside. It’s a very brightly decorated place, both outside and inside. Inside there’s a lot […]

Schwarma: Street Food in Moscow

Донер в лаваше, Куры Гриль, Свежая Выпечка / Donners in Lavash, Chicken Grill, Fresh Baked Goods  Kiosk, Университетская площадь Meals for 100 Rubles+ / ~$3.30+ Getting to Universitetskaya Ploshchad isn’t hard at all, but some basic directions are probably in order seeing as how there are so many food kiosks there: If you come out […]

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