Conchita Bonita Restaurant in St. Petersburg

A long list of St Pete restaurants to try out isn’t necessary when you’ve landed on the quaint restaurant known as Conchita Bonita. Located on 39 Gorokhovaya St, Conchita Bonita is a dark, modest, and welcoming Mexican restaurant thriving in St. Petersburg, Russia.  Conchita, which is the diminutive word for “shell” in Spanish, and bonita, […]

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Mon Cher Restaurant in Kyiv

Mon Cher is a small Lebanese restaurant that’s popular among NovaMova students for a number of reasons. First and foremost: it’s literally a minute walk away from the school! This has come in handy many times, both in regards to my hectic schedule as well as the crazy weather in Kyiv. Secondly, Mon Cher is […]

Buryat Cooking Lesson at Ulus in Irkutsk

Ulus, Buryat-Mongolian Restaurant (Улус) Buryat Cooking Lesson Part of SRAS Cultural Program, Spring, 2017 130 Kvartal, ul. 3 Iyulya 23 One of my favorite things about living in/traveling to other countries is getting to know the national cuisine. Irkutsk is located right next to the (Russian) Republic of Buryatia, and as such has a large […]

Ethno-Cafe Belaruskaya Gleba in Irkutsk

Ethno-Cafe Belaruskaya Gleba (“Belarusian Bread”) Беларуская Глеба ul. Karla Marksa 26a 12 pm – 12 am Entrees $5–10 Belarusian food is not exactly local to Irkutsk, but I’ve come across so few Belarusian restaurants in my life (like, one) that I was determined to check out this one. Centrally located on Irkutsk’s main avenue and big […]

Druzi Cafe and Bar in Kyiv

Druzi Cafe and Bar Cafe/Bar Druzi Andriivs’kyi descent, 2D 9:00-24:00 Entrees from $4-6 By far one of the most confusing things about Ukrainian cafes to my American self is that each of them seems to be suffering from some sort of identity crisis. Each time I search for a new lunch place in the fashion […]

Shedita Khanza Ethno-Cafe in Irkutsk

Shedite Khanza Partizanskaya 32 10–24 every day Entrees around $5 Looking for a good lunch on an empty afternoon, I found Shedite Khanza (Шэдитэ Ханза; Partizanskaya 32, entrance on Gornaya) during a long, fruitless walk halfway across Irkutsk (or so it felt, in subzero temperatures). It’s mostly a Buryat café—or “ethnic,” as it calls itself. […]

Laflafel in Moscow

Laflafel Malyy Kazennyy per., 16, 11 am – 11 pm Budget: 600+ Rubles Laflafel has recently made its full entrance onto Moscow’s restaurant scene, serving up Middle and Far Eastern dishes with Russian dishes interspersed throughout the menu. The friendly owners speak English and will take time to explain the dishes to you. The foreign […]

Abyssinia – Ethiopian Cuisine in Warsaw

Abyssinia Rynek Nowego Miasta 21 Mon:   3:00 pm – 10:00 pm Tue-Sun:  12:00 am – 10:00 pm Average Price: 30 – 55 zloty per person (~$8 – 14.75 USD) Find them on Facebook When walking through Warsaw’s Old Town, you pass by street after street of traditional Polish restaurants, countless variations on the national dish […]

Ganga in Vladivostok

Ganga/Ганга Океанский проспект, 69 Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-7pm, Sat-Sun 10am-8pm; Meals from 350 rubles  Living in Russia, I am frequently asked to explain the reason for my vegetarianism. Despite its almost daily nature, every time the question is put before me, my head practically starts spinning as my heartbeat quickens and the diatribes lying dormant […]

5 Ways To Experience Buryat Culture in Irkutsk

Today there are approximately 500,000 people that identify with the largest indigenous group living in Siberia, the Buryats.  The Buryats are a group of people descendent of various Siberian and Mongolian people that inhabited the Lake Baikal area, where most of the ethnic group is still concentrated, with many continuing to engage in traditional ways […]

Burritos Mexican Grill in Vladivostok

Burritos Mexican Grill Фонтанная ул. 44 и Пограничная ул. 12 // 44 Fontanaya and 12 Pogranichanaya Street 10:00am-10:00pm The Only Mexican-Russian Food in Vladivostok The closer Burritos Mexican Grill to VSUES is tucked away off of Fontanaya Street. It’s a brisk 15 minute walk from campus or a three-stop bus ride. You can take […]

Burrito Stand in Bishkek

Burrito Mexican Fast Food Stand Советская пр. (Walk South from London School on the West side of the street for about 15 minutes) Meals for $3 If I told you that my favorite Burrito in the whole world was from a stand in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, you probably wouldn’t believe me. Heck, I don’t believe me […]

Zu Restaurant in Moscow

Зю/ Zu Restaurant Multiple Locations/ Hours vary (see website) Zu is one of those rarities in Moscow: a full-service restaurant in the heart of the city where the majority of entrees cost less than 400 rubles. The Thai-fusion chain has locations in most of the highly trafficked areas inside the garden-ring, including Tverskaya, Noviy […]

Faiza in Bishkek

Фаиза/Faiza 157. Медерова Like many places in Bishkek, opening and closing hours are relatively subjective. It usually opens around breakfast time and officially closes at 10 pm I woke up after a long night out with a craving for плов (plov). For those of you who don’t know, плов is a traditional Central Asian dish […]

Czech House in Moscow

Czech House/ Чешский Дом 3я Тверская-Ямская, д. 36/40 Hours: vary, call ahead +7-495-787 78 51 Many countries with an economic and diplomatic presence in Russia will likewise have a cultural center somewhere in the Moscow area, where anyone interested can sample said country’s food, art, and/or music without buying a plane ticket. These centers, […]

Osh Bazaar in Bishkek

Ош Базары/Ошский Базар/Osh Bazaar No street address; 3 km west of city center on пр. Чуй Most stalls open from sun up to sun down No entrance fee Today I decided that I needed to experience something that I have long wanted to. Today I decided to go to my first real bazaar in Central […]

Restaurant 134 and “Succulent Dog” in Bishkek

Restaurant 134 Address: Southeast corner of Axunbaeva and Yunusalieva (formerly Karl Marx St.) Hours: 9:00am-11:00pm Prices: Dog stirfy = 150 som ($3.13), dog soup = 120 som ($2.50) It is well known that there is a significant Korean population in Kyrgyzstan today because Stalin deported Koreans living in the Russian Far East during World War […]

Kilikiya in St. Petersburg

Kilikiya/ Киликия  ул. Гороховая 26/40 Open 10:30 a.m-6 a.m. Meals range from 200-600 rubles While my roommates and I enjoy traditional Russian food, we also like to explore other exotic fare. Therefore, we have designated “foreign food Fridays,” and this week focused on Russia’s neighbor in the Caucasus, Armenia. Therefore, we headed out to the restaurant […]

Mexican Food in St. Petersburg

Tequila Boom 57 Voznesenski Ave. (on the corner of Voznesenski and the Fontanka) Other locations: 11 Komendantski Prospect and 42 Prosvesheniya Prospect Meals from 250 rubles When you put a Californian, a Texan, and a New Mexican in St. Petersburg, Russia, it’s really only a matter of time before the hunger pangs kick in for the […]

Volzhskii Rynok in Irkutsk

Volzhskii Rynok / Волжский Рынок Волжская 14 0800-1900 Contrary to the expectations of most travelers, Irkutsk is not a cheap city. While cheaper than Moscow, most products in Irkutsk are no cheaper than they would be in the United States. For this reason, if you are here for a long time you’ll try to find […]

Cafe Dali in Irkutsk

Cafe Dali / Кафе Дали Трудовая 108Б 09:00 – 00:00 Irkutsk is a mere 100 miles from Mongolia, yet due to the difficulties of the international border and the Sayan mountains which come between the two, it can be difficult to check out that country of Yurt-dwellers and horse milk. For those who can’t take […]

A Taste of the Korean Diaspora in Bishkek

Hoban Restaurant/Кафе “Хобан” ул. Фрунзе, 539 Price: Lunch Buffet = 250 som Tel: (0312) 32-31-47 Buffet hours: 11:30am-2:30pm weekdays Restaurant hours: 9:00am-9:00pm everyday Back home in the District of Columbia, one of my favorites eateries is a small Indian grocery store/café that offers a $6 buffet. Yep, you heard me right, a $6 buffet. And […]

Chaikhana in Irkutsk

Chaikhana / Чайхана Байкальская 14/1 1000 – 1700 A chaikhana is a traditional Uzbek restaurant, and while Central Asian food is widely available throughout Russia, a lot of it is quite bad. Chaikhana, located near the central market, is cheap, convenient, and also quite an interesting dining experience. It is also, as many chaikhanas are, […]

Street Food in Vladivostok

Food Stands/Киоски с едой City-Wide (Most often found in the city center) Hours: About 9 or 10 am – Sunset Meals from $2.50  In my search for “cheap eats,” I usually scour the city with a keen eye for business lunch offerings or somewhat out-of-the-way, backroads establishments that seem to be offering up a plethora […]

Cafe Osh in Irkutsk

Cafe Osh / Кафе Ош Ул. Чехова 22 Hours: 10:00-20:00 The central market is probably one of the most interesting areas in Irkutsk. A huge area with many different trading squares, malls, and open air plazas, the market has traders from all over Asia selling items ranging from apples to cashmere socks to industrial machinery. […]

Pekarnya Osetinskiye Pirogi in Irkutsk

Pekarnya “Osetinskiye Pirogi” Черемховский Пер. 9в Hours 1000-2400 / (3952) 60-60-52 Meals from ~$7 per person  Pining for pizza? Does mayonnaise-coated lavash not fulfill your craving? Though American-style pizza can be found in Irkutsk, consider a delicious Soviet substitute – Ossetian pies! These round, pizza-like pastries are made of a deliciously greasy dough, stuffed […]

Poznaya “Kafe Hausbrandt” in Irkutsk

Poznaya “Kafe Hausbrandt” / Позная “Кафе Хаусбрандт” Ул. Горкого 32 Hours 1000-1800 Meals from ~$3 A poznaya is a type of restaurant which serves the most famous dish of the Buryat people: pozy. Pozy are large flour and water dumplings filled with fatty meat and spices and then steamed until they became fragrant sacks of […]

Restaurant Noodles in Moscow

Restaurant “Noodles”/Ресторан «Нудлс» +7 (495) 623-53-96 Большой Черкасский переулок 15-17/1 (closest metro: Лубянка, Китай-Город) Sunday through Thursday: 12:00 to 0:00 meals starting from $11 meat; under the supervision of the Chief Rabbinate of Russia (R’ Berel Lazar) It was Rosh Chodesh Tammuz, so I needed a place where I could get a good meal with bread […]

Bar & Restaurant Tel Aviv in Moscow

Tel Aviv Bar & Restaurant / Бар & Ресторан «Тель Авив» +7 (495) 694-01-45 (delivery available) Цветной Бульвар 30/1 (closest metro: Цветной Бульвар) Sunday through Thursday: 12:00 to 0:00; Friday: 12:00 to two-and-a-half hours before Shabbos; Saturday: two-and-a-half hours after Shabbos to 0:00 (winter only) meals starting from $8 meat; under the supervision of the […]

Ganga Indian Restaurant in Irkutsk

Indian Vegetarian Restaurant “Ganga” / Ресторан индийской вегетарианской кухни “Ganga” ул. Карла-Либкнехта, 121 (Entrance inside office building “Европлаза,” through the turnstiles on the first floor) Open from 11am to 10pm Meals from $6.50 Ganga is a very new restaurant in Irkutsk, having opened just two months ago. Like Cafe Govinda downtown, Ganga is a vegetarian restaurant […]

Livan House – Middle Eastern in Moscow

Ливан Хаус  / Livan House  Kiosk, Проспект Вернадского, near ТЦ “Капитолий” (See Map) Shwarma for students 99 Rubles, Salads for ~80 Rubles; Meals for 350 Rubles+ Food/Service If you find yourself tired of dorm food and yet visiting the food court at Kapitoli perhaps a little too often, causing a certain disillusionment as a result […]

Cafe & Poznaya Nerpenok in Irkutsk

Cafe Nerpenok / Кафе “Нерпенок” Пролетарская, 13а Poznaya and Russian Cafe Meals from $4 The “poznaya,” a place which serves pozi, the national dish of the Buryats, is ubiquitous in the Baikal area. The Buryats are Siberia’s largest ethnic minority and are largely concentrated around Lake Baikal. Pozi are steamed meat dumplings and Cafe Nerpenok, […]

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