Excursion: Tantsy Minus Rooftop Concert in St. Petersburg

SRAS bought us concert tickets as part of our cultural program. It was an exciting opportunity to see modern Russian popular culture. I had never been to a rock concert before, and I especially had no idea what to expect of one in Russia. Our eager guide, Alina, told us that we’d be going to […]

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White Nights: Culture and Night Life in St. Petersburg

10:17pm sunsets and 3:30am sunrises. That was my initial description of St. Petersburg when friends and family asked how my study abroad experience is going. The 18 hours of daily sunlight that mark St. Petersburg’s “White Nights” are nature’s gift to the northern city that is Russia’s cultural capital. Though the sun sets at around […]

Metro Pub in Bishkek

If you find yourself wondering what to do in Bishkek on a Friday night, then you should check out Metro Pub. It has a massive dance floor in the back that plays electronic dance music, while the front has a smaller dance floor with a live band. The dance floors are packed on the weekends, […]

Bar Dekabrist in Irkutsk

Located downtown and a short walk from the central market is The Decembrist’s Bar or Bar Dekabrist. This local hangout is perfect for a night out with friends. The atmosphere is quite different from that of most other local bars and is more of a “hipster” vibe with a very comfy feeling. It is also […]

Zvezdny Bowling Center

Zvezdny Bowling Center Декабрьских Событий, 102/1 10:00-0:00 Price 3-13$ Website Zvezdny bowling center is located in the center of Irkutsk, not far from the university. While my friends and I were just there for the bowling, there is also an attached movie theatre that looks clean, nice, and inexpensive. The bowling center is very clean […]

Old Bar: Microbrews in Kyiv

Old Bar: The Answer to My Beer Problems Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya 20A Sun-Thurs: 2pm-midnight, Fri-Sat: 2pm-2am $3-4 per pint Since I arrived in Kyiv, I’ve been to several clubs, a couple pubs, and god knows how many restaurants that call themselves cafe/bars. This last classification is basically a coffee shop that serves hooch and is a […]

Karaoke at The Underground

When one of my friends first asked me about singing karaoke, I was a bit hesitant. It’s not something in my normal realm of preferred activities, but I didn’t have any other plans for the evening. So in the interest of trying new things, I acquiesced. The space we used is nestled in a corner […]

Polish Pub Crawls

Pubcrawl Warsaw Starting at 50 PLN (includes some drinks) Pubcrawl.pl If you’re like me while traveling, bouncing from one hostel to the next, you’ve probably tried out a pub crawl or two. If you haven’t, it’s never too late! You encounter all types of travelers on pub crawls, from solo wanderers to English stag/hen parties […]

A Night Out: Noodle Mama and the Red October Factory in Moscow

A Night Out: Noodle Mama and the Red October Factory Metro: Kropotkinskaya After a long day of studying and finishing up homework at the Higher School of Economics, I’m usually back in my dorm room before nighttime. However, one day, I managed to stay out a little later and explored the city with some of […]

Moonshine Bar in Vladivostok

Moonshine Bar ул. Светланская 1, Владивосток, Россия Hours: Mon.-Thurs. Noon-2am, Fri.-Sun. Noon-4am; Entrees from 250 rubles, Beer from 200 rubles Moonshinebar.ru Of all of the local establishments in Vladivostok striving in one way or another to capture some aspect of American culture, no one seems to be doing so quite as successfully as Moonshine Bar. […]

A Night Out in Moscow: the Logistics (Rolling Stone)

Rolling Stone Club Болотная набережная., 3 строение 1 Hours of Operation: 21:00-7:00 Cost: Free entrance, 200+ rubles per drink There are many nighttime destinations that foreigners have on their list of places to visit in Moscow, and the Rolling Stone nightclub and bar is one of them. Rolling Stone was opened in 2009, and was the […]

Munich Pub in Vladivostok

Munich Pub / Мюнхен ул. Светланская, 3, Владивосток, Россия Hours: Noon-2am; meals from 420 rubles, business lunch (30% off menu price) Noon-4pm Munichpub.com I had been making my rounds of the international fare as of late, from Georgian lavash (грузинский лаваш) and Japanese udon (японский удон) to Korean sea mustard (корейский миёк гук) and Peruvian tacos […]

Friendship Bar in Vladivostok

Friendship Bar / Дружба бар ул. Пограничная, 6, Владивосток, Россия Hours: Sun-Thurs. Noon-3am, Fri & Sat. Noon-7am; Meals for under 360 rubles Fear not hipsters! Your culture lives and breaths even thousands of miles from home in Friendship Bar (Дружба бар) in downtown Vladivostok. The bright red exterior signaling your arrival rests on the corner of on […]

Buddha Bar in Bishkek

Buddha Bar Ahunbaeva Street 97A/ул. Ахунбаева 97А Entrées from 150 som ($3) In Bishkek, there are many bars and restaurants close to Ala-Too Square and along Chui Prospect. Their signs, menus and patios all beckon, promising a variety of different scenes and cuisines: national food, burger joints, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, even barbeque. If you venture […]

Blonder Pub in Bishkek

Blonder Pub Ул. Ибраимова 24/24 Ibraimova St. Appetizers from 100 som ($2), Entrees from 300 som ($6) www.blonderpub.kg I’ve learned the Russian word for sweet tooth (сладкоежка), and it seems appropriate here in Kyrgyzstan. Streets are lined with food stalls selling ice cream out in front, local honey varietals abound, and there are numerous supermarket […]

Bar Hollywood in Bishkek

Bar Hollywood Советская пр. (Just south of the London school, next door) opening and closing ours are fluid like most places in Bishkek Beers are usually between 60-100 som Everyone has their “joint,” and I make it my business to find myself a local watering hole in whatever part of the world I end up […]

I’m Thankful for Today Cafe and Bar in St. Petersburg

I’m Thankful for Today Cafe and Bar Гороховая ул., 24 10am-3am everyday Meals from $10   This small chain of restaurants in St. Petersburg offers an attractive atmosphere, friendly staff, and reasonably priced food. I stumbled upon the place by accident on one of my many “lost in the big city” outings. It wasn’t very […]

Czech House in Moscow

Czech House/ Чешский Дом www.cesky-dum.czechcentres.cz 3я Тверская-Ямская, д. 36/40 Hours: vary, call ahead +7-495-787 78 51 Many countries with an economic and diplomatic presence in Russia will likewise have a cultural center somewhere in the Moscow area, where anyone interested can sample said country’s food, art, and/or music without buying a plane ticket. These centers, […]

Rock Bar Zeppelin in Bishkek

Рок-Бар Цеппелин/ Rock Bar Zeppelin http://vk.com/rock.bar.zeppelin 43 пр. Чуй doors open usually 2-3 hours before set starts, in my case 8:30, and go on until set is finished entrance fee less than $5 I will start  by saying that if I had to guess places on earth that I would most likely see a Bob […]

The Ala Too Cinema in Bishkek

Ала Тоо Кинотеатр/Ala Too Cinema Cinematica.kg 187 пр. Чуй hours depend on movie times, usually starting in the early afternoon and finishing in the late evening Movies for less than $5 Hello, and welcome to Bishkek. I just arrived here a few days ago for my semester abroad, and I already love this city. On […]

SPB bar in St. Petersburg

SPB / СПВ 42 Seventh Line (Metro Vasileostrovskaya) Sun. – Thurs. 12 p.m. – 2 a.m. Fri. and Sat. 12 p.m. – 5 a.m. Meals from 109 rubles If you’re with a group of people who can’t decide on a place to eat, SPB may be a pretty viable option. This is for two reasons. […]

The Tolstiy Friar in St. Petersburg

Толстый Фраер / Tolstiy Friar 3 Dymskaya (Metro Gostiniy Dvor) Sunday – Thursday 10 a.m. – 1 a.m., Friday and Saturday 10 a.m. – 3 a.m. Tolstiy-fraer.ru Meals from 120 rubles Tolstiy Friar (The Fat Friar) is a chain of Petersburg pubs. With seven different locations and a very extensive menu, Tolstiy Friar is a […]

Jazz Evening at Michelle in Vladivostok

Jazz Evening at Michelle/Джазовый Вечер в Мишеле Ул. Уборевича, д. 5а, 8 этаж Fridays, 8 pm – 11 pm (approximately) Open to restaurant patrons only I think most would agree that some of the best moments in life are when one’s normally separate interests come together to form a new and interesting fusion activity that […]

Stirka in St. Petersburg

Stirka 26 Kazanskaya Ulitsa / Sennaya Ploshad metro Coffee stop. Art space. Performance venue. Hipster haunt. Laundromat to the stars (and commoners alike). Stirka somehow manages to be all these things. Stirka, full name “Café-Laundromat ‘Stirka’ 40 Degrees,” began as a project by Anke Nowottne, who created the spot as her graduation project from the […]

“Swimming on Land” in Bishkek

Nil Cafe Address: Corner of Shopukova and Zhibekzholu (Behind the Bishkek Circus) Dancing Hours: 10:30pm-5:00am Cover Charge: Sunday-Thursdays: Free, Friday-Saturday: 100 som This past weekend, I went to one of my favorite weekend haunts, a Tajik-owned place called Nil Café. It was dance time. I needed to forget about my busy academic schedule, my impending […]

Dom 7 Jazz Club in St. Petersburg

Dom 7 Jazz Club in St. Petersburg наб. канала Грибоедова, 7, nearest to Gostiniy Dvor metro station Monday – Thursday 10 a.m. – 11 p.m. Friday 10 a.m. – 2 a.m. Saturday 1:30 p.m. – 2 a.m. Sunday 5 p.m. – 11 p.m. Snacks from about $3 When my friend and fellow SRAS student Justin […]

Bar Acabama in Irkutsk

Bar Acabama / Бар Акабама Ул. Чехова 2 18:00 – 6:00 It’s no secret that a lot of Russians like all things tacky, flashy, and over-the-top, yet for anyone who has not yet been convinced of this salient fact, a quick trip to Bar Acabama will quickly make them understand. An American-themed bar, restaurant, and […]

Lingua Cafe at Cafe Most’ in Irkutsk

Lingua Cafe at Cafe “Most’” / Кафе Мость Цесовская Набережная 2 Thursdays 20:00 – ???? Entrance free, drinks from ~$3. Phone: 706-388, Website: www.most-cafe.ru Irkutsk isn’t a city which is known for its nightlife; there are very few clubs and bars and those that exist are generally the kind of tacky, overpriced places filled with […]

Bar & Restaurant Tel Aviv in Moscow

Tel Aviv Bar & Restaurant / Бар & Ресторан «Тель Авив» +7 (495) 694-01-45 (delivery available) Цветной Бульвар 30/1 (closest metro: Цветной Бульвар) Sunday through Thursday: 12:00 to 0:00; Friday: 12:00 to two-and-a-half hours before Shabbos; Saturday: two-and-a-half hours after Shabbos to 0:00 (winter only) meals starting from $8 meat; under the supervision of the […]

Chicago Jazz Club Irkutsk

Chicago Jazz Club / Чикаго Джазз Клаб ул. Байкальская, 108 (inside the “Меха Сибири” building, entrance on the left side of the building)     Entrance: 150 – 200 Rubles for most concerts One Friday night, some friends from the dorm invited me to a concert at a nearby venue featuring a local band. Only about a ten-minute […]

Kruzhka – Moscow Pub Food

Кружка  / Kruzhka Ниж. Радищевская ул., 10 строение 1 (м. “Таганская”) (See Map) Meals for ~$7 and up, Business Lunch ~$5.60 Kruzhka is a very interesting place. You think that you’re entering a bar as you go through the heavy wooden door. The bottom floor is a dark room with red brick walls upon which […]

Set’ Pivnikh Barov: Exotic Pub Food in St. Pete

Set’ Pivnikh Barov / Сеть Пивных Баров Садовая ул., 14. (See Map) Meals for ~$6.50 and up For this installment of Cheap Eats I finally made it to the restaurant with the chicken hearts that I mentioned in my previous entry. Set’ Pivnikh Barov, or literally “Chain of Beer Bars,” are dotted throughout the city, […]

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